What Is A Disclaimer? What Are Its Different Types?


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A disclaimer is a statement that aims to ensure that your message will be understood and will not be reflected negatively or wrongly on your behalf.

There are several types of disclaimers, all of which are illustrated further.

Hedge: It helps you to separate yourself from the message so that if your listeners reject your message, they need not reject you. It is viewed positively as indicating a belief in non-allness (that no one knows everything) and a belief that tentative statements are all one can reasonably make.

Credentialing: It helps you to establish your special qualifications for saying what you are about to say.

Sin licenses: A disclaimer that asks listeners for permission to deviate in some way from some normally accepted convention.
Cognitive disclaimers: As evident from the name, these disclaimers deal with mental dimensions. It helps you to make the case that you are in full possession of your faculties.

Appeals for the suspension of judgment: These disclaimers ask listeners to hear you out before making a judgment.

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