How Many Children Can You Babysit When You Are 12-years-old?


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I am 12 and I have babysat 6 (4mos., 2 yrs, 3yrs, 5yrs, 8yrs) kids at once...I am a year older than most in I am much more mature than most. The reason I am "allowed" to babysit that many children is because I have a 5mo. Old baby brother, and a 9 yr old brother too. Don't worry, you can definitley babysit at least 1-3 kids, maybe more, it just depends on the parents, family, and overall situation.
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STOP saying none I'm a 12 year old babysitting I once babysat 3 kids (2,5,1) and I did fine.
It depends on meturide(lol I hav no idea how to spell that) they are
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At 12 yrs old you should only baby-sit no more then 2 children at a time.
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At 12 I wouldn't suggest letting them stay alone with any children. They can still babysit however. Say you wanted to hang out with another mother and have some older conversations, you could let your 12-year-old supervise 1 or 2 younger children in an enclosed back yard or a play room.
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I don't think it would b very responsible of a parent to leave a 12 year old with any children!
I am a single mum of 2 and there is no way id leave my children with a 12 year old

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