How Do You Make A Drawbridge ( Instructions With Pictures Please)?


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Right, I’m going to make a couple of assumptions. Firstly that this is a model and not an actual castle. I hope so because you’d definitely need to get some civil engineers or something in for that task. But then you’d have you own castle and there can fewer finer things in life.
Anyway, as you have not stated what your castle is constructed out of I’m going to give you the instructions on how I made my drawbridge and you can tweak the materials so it matches your castle. As I said, I don’t know the scale so you might have to change the measurements too.
The materials you need to need to construct a drawbridge are a cardboard box, some thick paper (the thicker the better), two thin lengths of chain (you could use string and say it’s rope but I’m guessing you’ve got yourself a snazzy castle so only chain will do), some small wooden dowels (easy to get from hardware stores), two pieces of PVC pipe and plenty of glue, paint, pens and pencils (the same ones as you used to make your castle) and of course some scissors.
Firstly, make an arch shaped hole in a box. This is for the castle door (if you don’t already have one). Next is the drawbridge. Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard about the same size as the door. You want to make this nice and thick as they were in medieval times to prevent attackers getting in, so stick a couple of bits of cardboard together for authenticity.
Then make two holes at the same level on either side near the top of the door. Now cut two more holes on the opposite sides of the box but near the front of the box. Make sure these holes are circular and at exactly the same level.
Now get a piece of PVC pipe and insert it into the two circular holes. It should run through the box and just behind the doorway. The PVC pipe should be long enough to protrude from the box, so you turn it and raise the drawbridge. Get out the paint and make it look authentically medieval.
Get the two equal lengths of chain and connect them to the pipe. Do this at spots that will allow it to pass through the two holes adjacent to the door. You can use glue or tie the chain to the pipe. Run the chain through the holes and connect it to the drawbridge with some of the glue. When you twist the pipe at either side of the box the drawbridge should hopefully raise and lower.
I didn’t take any pictures while I was making mine I’m afraid and the best I can find is this video, which is frankly not what you’re looking for  But if you meant on Minecraft then watch this 
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Use pulleys
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I want to make a medieval drawbridge over a moat at my castle.  How do I construct it to lift with ease yet remain medieval in design?

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