How Do I Create Good Relationships With My Colleagues?


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Baba Nombeko answered
By loving them ,give them peace ,be an kindly person & talk with them.
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Muhammad Ali answered
You want to know about how to have good relations with your fellow beings. It is appropriate to know this in the present environment. A person can not make progress without having good relations with his colleagues. And it is necessary in the present age. Especially when you're working in some good organization then in this case, its importance increases a lot. Now you must know for making the good relations, you must follow the rule. The rule is simple and easily understandable. Have you got it?

It is to give respect to others and take it back for yourself. Show dignity to your fellow beings. Respect everyone. And don't forget to pay compliments as and when it is required. If someone does you a favour, don't forget to pay gratitude towards him. Don't be stingy in praising someone's good deeds, actions and habits. Always try to pay greetings first. Remember there is a very slight difference between humour and insult. So be careful about that minor and very slight difference. You must have fun with your colleagues but you should never cross the ethical boundaries.
There are some more important points. Don't show too much concern towards some personal interest. Don't criticize anyone without a certain reason. In this way, you can win the respect of your colleagues and you will also be famous in your fellow beings.

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