What Are The Objectives Of OJT?


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OJT, which stands for On the Job Training, is a program which is specially designed for young people in which they can combine work experience with learning the skills and requirements that are necessary for entering or re-entering the working world. It allows those who otherwise may not seek further education to carry on with work whilst still improving their skills and how employable they are. The program also aims to provide worthy potential employee s for employers to source work from, helping both employer and employee in their success.

The objectives of the On the Job Training program cover a wide base of points. It targets those who have finished either high school or the first years of college and are looking for employment, whilst still in need of skill building and more teaching. It reaches out to those in the community between the ages of 16 and 35 who are in need of the basic training and job skills that will provide them with more opportunities for work than they would have received without the help. This will allow them to stand a real chance in the incredibly competitive jobs market that today's society has created, with everybody running out of money as fast as the jobs are running out.

The scheme also endeavors to provide skilled workers who can match the skills necessary in terms of both academia and vocational skills that are seen in other prospective apprenticeships. It aims to inspire the young people that work with the scheme to adopt their own ways of coping with the working world and its demands, whilst finding their own skills that set them aside from the rest of the competition, helping them get a foothold in such a difficult environment. Finally, it aims to encourage self respect and a higher sense of self esteem to those who have been pushed back from work opportunities continually in the past and have since struggled to get back on their feet.
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The objective of the job training is to familiar with the job.
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OJT, or On-the-Job Training refers to a method of acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of practical experience working in a related job environment.  This method of training is the core of apprenticeships and technical colleges or polytechnics.  OJT recognises the need to train beyond that which is taught in the classroom and also the need to upgrade and update skills throughout one's working life (this is often coined, professional development).  The main objective of OJT is to remove the learner from the classroom environment to the workplace to continue learning in a manner that will be able to be practically applied upon graduation.
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This usually stands for on the job training. It is usual to have some on the job training in almost any job - no training can fully prepare you for work - but in some fields it is especially important. In nursing and teaching, to give two examples, a big part of the training course actually consists of working under supervision, and then once the training course is finished you usually get a lot of mentoring and observation in the first year of work as well.
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• To identify my ability to cope up in different things that accountant can do
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It's called life experience.sort of like would you trust a doctor right out of school to do your operation or would you want someone that can do it blind folded with no complications. Or would you go to a barber/hair stylist that just graduated before going to a wedding or would you go to a barber/stylist that has been in business for 10-15 years with all kinds of awards for top stylist/ other words do you want to be the one to help break in a new employee,costing time,money,production rates. Or do you want a self starter, a employee you can just show them where the computer/equipment is and they can pick up/go from the start.
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OJT  means on the job training. It got many advantages but main are as follows
1.In this programme  training is given right on our jobs.  As training is given on jobs so we need not to imagine about our project.
2.This is given in presence of skilled & well trained instructor so we can clear any doubt on spot.
3.During OJT individual does a practical job that leads to a great confidence to handle any equipment, component or project that leads to saving in time,money &materials.

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