What Is On-the-job-training (OJT)? What Are The Four Steps In Applying OJT?


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1. EXPLAIN: Explain what the trainee is going to learn. Put them in a comfortable setting for learning. Explain the benefits of learning this information and consequences of not knowing it.

2. DEMONSTRATE: Demonstrate the task step-by-step, explaining as you go along. Always model correctly and ask for feedback from the trainee. Repeat as needed.

3. OBSERVE: Observe the trainee perform the task themselves. Allow them to perform it as many times as needed. Do NOT do the task for them! Ask them questions to gauge their understanding.

4. FEEDBACK: Let the trainee know how they did and provide corrective and positive feedback. Make sure the feedback is specific and individualized. Encourage further questions.
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Although training is the most essential tool of every organization to develop an individual's skill, knowledge and abilities according to the nature of the enterprise. Being an employee, every one has to face the challenges and to over come these challenges they have to equipped themselves with the change this could only be achieve through proper training process. The people are selected according to their skills, abilities, and performance of their work in previous or current job and than they are, send for OJT.

Here as we talking about on-the job training it consist of assigning a trainee to co-workers and subordinate for training according to their experience as senior employee. According to management and I quote here as these trainers are told (co-workers and sub-ordinates) "break in this trainee" or "Teach bob your job." trainees work under the supervision of the senior workers by observing and helping in their work with complete and actual equipments. Here trainees are immediately engaged in productive work. Once they are capable of working without the help of their trainers, the OJT is complete.

There are some precautionary majors taken by the trainees are proper handling of equipments, customer satisfaction, less wasted materials.There several companies who offered OJT. It is very old method of training but still applicable in many places. Just if you wanted to do job in Intel than you have to attend at least 200hours of OJT.There are four steps in applying OJT according to real management training process as follows
Step 1-preaprtion of the trainee (creating comfortable working environment for trainees).
Step 2-Presentation of Knowledge and operations
Step 3-Performance Tryout
Step 4-follow- up
This could be followed through out the training process.

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