What Are The Basic Thinking Skills?


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The classifications of the basic thinking skills are an aspect of the human mind that is debated frequently. Some may argue that the core thinking skills that a human has are; recognizing a need or problem, clarifying relevant information, considering long and short term consequences of an action, asking relevant questions, recognizing inadequate information, differentiating between fact and opinion, generating solutions, assessing solutions and making wise decisions. These are all quite broad and general skills that are involved in the thinking process and some of these listed will have several separate skills within them. For example, differentiating between fact and opinion will require a person to have a general idea about the truth of the statement and analyze the faithfulness of the statement giver.

Another popular way to consider the basic thinking skills is using the 'SAUCE' model. SAUCE stands for Setting the scene, Acquiring information, Using the information, Communicating outcome, thinking and decisions, Evaluating product and process. The model can be made to fit with the basic thinking skills mentioned previously. Setting the scene requires an individual to clarify the information given to them as well as the language, and to ask relevant questions. Acquiring information uses the thinking skill evaluating the credibility of the information, clarifying it, weighing up the evidence and, again, asking relevant questions. Using the information will require individuals to make wise decisions and consider the consequences of these decisions. They will also need to assess the solutions and generate their own. When Communicating the outcome, thinking and decisions, individuals will have to ask relevant questions before analyzing and evaluating the actions in order to Evaluate products and processes.

There are many ways to categorize the basic thinking methods, some are theoretical and other scientific. It is a topic that is debated widely and there a number of different views about what is classed as 'basic'.

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