What Are Different Characteristics Of A Good Manager?


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A good Administrator is the backbone of the office, he or she is the pillar of the office therefore they have to have certain strong qualities which are listed below.

  1. Must have very good communication skills, since he has to run the office, cater to the needs of each and every staff member, he must be able to communicate very well with everybody in the office.

  2. He should have contacts with different service providers, so that any problem arising in the office can be tackled immediately.

  3. He must be a quick thinker and be able to provide solutions speedily, so that the office work is not hampered.

  4. Must be well mannered with a pleasant temperament, there would be several tricky situations which would need to be tackled in a calm and cool manner.

  5. Last but not the least he must be very supportive to everyone and must always be there to help out and co operate with all staff members to keep the office going smoothly

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Cooperative and supportive
affluent and articulate communicator
flexible to adapt in any kind of circumstances
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Personal Characteristics Needed by Managers:

In addition to the various skills that effective managers need, several personal characteristics are also important. They are

Desire to manage:
The successful manager has a strong desire to manage, to influence other, and to get results through the team efforts of subordinates. To be sure, many people want the privileges that come with managerial position, which include high status and salary, but they lack the basic motivation to achieve results by creating an environment in which people are able to work together toward common aims. The desire to manage requires effort, time, energy, and usually, long hours of work.

Communication skills and empathy:
Another important characteristic of managers is the ability to communication through written repots, letters, speeches, and discussions. Communication demands clarity, but even more, it demands empathy.

Integrity and honesty:
Managers must morally sound and worthy of trust. Integrity in managers includes honesty in money matters and in dealing with others, effort to keep superiors informed, adherence to the full truth, strength of character, and behavior in accordance with ethical standards.

Past performance as a manager:
Past performance as a manager is probably the most reliable forecast of a manager's future performance. Of course, an assessment of managerial experience is not possible in selecting first-line supervisors from the ranks, since they have not had such experience.
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I'm assuming that you are referring to IT administration based on the category. If not, my bad. A "good" administrator has the ability to effectively manage an organization's infrastructure, and is able to handle issues that arise in an efficient manner. They know their environment, and they understand how to keep it running smoothly, and they do.
An "excellent" administrator has an intuitive knowledge of both the equipment that is being utilized, and it's application to the overall objectives of the business. To be in this category, one must have highly developed critical thinking skills, a broad range of knowledge (along with the ability to obtain information quickly), and must be able to think beyond the present tense regarding the implementation of effective solutions. An excellent administrator is always looking for the next best way to perform specific tasks, yet has a keen awareness of the resources that are available to him/her. This person doesn't wait for things to happen, but instead puts measures in place to ensure that they don't happen. They also recognize what they don't know, but are always willing to put in the extra effort to obtain whatever answers they may require.
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A good manager should be a good listener and must have the ability to carry his woke rs along also must posses all that it takes to achieve organisational goal.
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Administrative assistants perform clerical jobs in the office including coordinating activities, information handling. They assist managers in setting and scheduling meetings, dissipating information, carrying out the paper work and keeping files. They have good management and coordination skills. They are also good with the use of equipment such as fax machine, photo copy machines etc. They are also updated about the inventory and supply levels so that they can order when the supply is low. At times they even have to give training and orientation sessions to the new employees. If the assistants are working in a specialized environment then they have specialized skills.
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Manager should have good attitude towards ethical and fairness so that subordinates can follow the leader. Especially not to play the politics to have have the self interest in his/her growth.
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A good manager is the one who can manage his organisation successfully and profitably.
The characteristics of a best manager is he should be able to understand every team member's strengths and weaknesses and utilise every members abilities at his/her best in the interest of the organisation and motivate the staff, understand and acknowledge every staff member's efficiency and reward them accordingly. A good manager is like the good leader who doesn't say "do it " but says "lets do it".
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You have to respect your customers and give them what they ask for or what they want. You also need to help your member of staff when they really need your help so they won't make a mistake and slows everything down. A good manager doesn't shouts or get angry at the customer for no good reason like when a customer wants the cheapest but yummiest food or thing you don't just say "why don't you buy the most expensive food or thing we have but you buy the cheapest?" because that's impolite and people won't come to your restaurant or place and you will be out of business.

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