How Much Do Magazine Editors Make Per Year?


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I would say it varies greatly, but it is an above-average wage. I also earn $36,000 as a magazine editor, but I only work 2 days per week. That gives me time to work elsewhere and increase my salary by more than double that.
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To know how much a magazine Editor makes always depends on which magazine you are planning to work with. Now I am quite sure you have watched devil wears Prada, thus I think you can understand what I mean by that.

The average earning of an editor is somewhere around forty five thousand dollars. No doubt the editor is the one who puts the entire magazine together after all the reviewing and rewriting. However until the magazine sells and profit rises the income and remuneration will not be grand.

But then, experience also counts, thus there will obviously be a change. And as long as you are a good editor, there are sure to be a lot of bonuses and perks.

One is advised to either log online and confirm the exact prices or meet a vocational counsellor or another magazine editor in order to compare prices.
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preethi88 is absolutely right about varying compensation. I'm the editor of a regional business trade magazine with a relatively small circulation, and I make $36,000 a year. It's on contract and not a full time gig, and I still need to pay my own taxes as I'm self employed. But I work from home and on my own schedule, which is perfect for me as I raise my children. I previously edited an internal magazine for a corporation, and compensation for that was along the lines of $45,000 to $65,000 per year, with benefits. So the range is definitely wide, depending on the type of magazine, the circulation, the revenue it brings in, and your level of experience. If you're steering in this direction, the best advice I could give would be to wrangle a college internship at a magazine -- the experience will give you a huge leg up as you enter the market, not to mention some solid clips for your portfolio. Good luck!
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The media comprises of a number of information dedicated mediums to educate the general public and keep the citizens aware of the current events, nationally and internationally. The print media comprises of the various newspapers and magazines that are target oriented and specific in approach. The competition in the print media is based on the ability of each to make available a comprehensive data bas available to the citizens, in a presentable format, before the competitors. In the case of magazines, the information is usually themed or sphere related, depending on the coverage provided.

The information is usually assimilated by the reporters and then placed in the required and preferred format by dedicated writers. The language, punctuation and the research on the information is then double-checked by the editors. The annual or monthly earnings of editors depend on the magazine and the sphere of influence and even the recognition. In the case of magazines like the internationally acclaimed 'Times', the editors are paid handsomely for their expertise. However, in the case of locally distributed magazines, the payment offered to editors may be a fraction of the former. There is no fixed structure in place and the factors that influence the remuneration include seniority, experience and recognition in the field.
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They make a lot of money duhh

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