What Are The Disadvantages Of Magazine?


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Whilst many magazines can have positive effects, there are also many disadvantages associated with the words and images more often used by lifestyle magazines.

Provocative images featuring music artists such as Rhianna and Lady Gaga in scantily clad clothing can create an impression amongst teens and young children that it is appropriate for them to dress in that manner. Frequent images of idolised celebrities stumbling out of nightclubs can also be seen as acceptable by youngsters for them to get drunk and to replicate the behaviour of their idols. Therefore material included in these magazines could be considered unacceptable for them to read.

Celebrity magazines like 'Heat' may cause children to grow up quicker than they should as they are very impressionable. Such magazines also tend to promote a particular lifestyle, and often in doing so can claim that it is wrong to be different in other ways. As a result, such magazines don't tend to encourage creativity or individuality, and instead advertise that one style fits all.

In terms of advertising, magazine advertisements don't tend to sell products but instead create and build an image for the product or service. With the increase in internet usage, circulation of magazines is also down, with many magazines having ceased productions in recent years.
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A magazine is a publication consisting of pictures, articles and stories and are aimed at a particular target audience e.g Economist is targeted at businessmen and the magazine 'young times' is targeted at teenagers or youth. Magazine depending on the category they fall in have both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage by far is definitely the provision of information and entertainment. Disadvantages include:
  • It is much more time consuming to look for information in a magazine;
  • Most magazines, especially fashion magazines display indecent or provocative images that can corrupt the mind of the readers;
  • Magazines can give bias information depending on which media group it belongs to and how much government control that media group has; and
  • Entertainment magazines are at times just a waste of time as they might not provide relevant information
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The disadvantages of reading or even publishing Magazines, is that there may be Nude, rude exotic pictures, seen in MOST articles but not all and the fact that Magazines not only cost a lot of money, but it also requires Trees to make for the paper. Think about it, if there would be an article about Fashion and new season brands that are hot and what not, there wil obviously be at least one or two exploitation pictures and these may become a disadvantage for younger generations, but this isn't much of a issue isn't it? The people to blame are the ones who allow kids to read such magazines and view such images that are yet to be learnt in their young years ahead. Hope this helps.

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A magazine has both advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage is that, by reading magazines, we come across very valuable or interesting information, such as hot news about celebrities or concise tips on beauty and related issues. A disadvantage is that magazines these days usually portray indecent images or values in the form of pictures of actresses and models etc. A little kid reading a fashion magazine might come across a lot of material that would not be suitable for him to read.
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They take a long time to deliver, and need paper to be printed on. The costs of distribution and printing alone make it more expensive than a web magazine for example.

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The disadvantage of magazines are there is always a topic related to sex. The most bad part is that there are so many nude pictures. When we go through these pictures we feel very disattracted from these . It seems there is involvement of very cheap persons behind these pictures.

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