What Is The Meaning Of Supremacy Of The Constitution And Limited Government In American Constitution?


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The constitution stands supreme over all citizens, institutions and all branches of the government, federal as well as regional. No institution of the government is authorized to make a law or chalk out a policy that is against the constitution. In contrast to this practice, British constitution is not paramount, as the parliament can enact any law.

American constitution demarcates the powers of the central as well as those of the state governments and the latter can formulate their constitutions accordingly. In fact, the supremacy of the American constitution within the federation is the most effective guarantee for the preservations of state autonomy. Moreover the constitution also ensure the preservation of public liberties

Limited Government means that the constitution eliminates all possibilities in respect of concentration of powers in any branch of the government, and all have to function within constitutional restraints. These restraints protect the rights of these governments from mutual encroachments and also regulate inter governmental relationships. Constitution gives fully protection to public liberties. Other principles that signify the concept of limited government are:
Sovereignty belongs to the people Armed forces are put under civilian control Inter relationship between different branches of government, is based on the separation of powers.
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Constitution is the that demarcates the power of both central and state government.

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