What Are The Kinds Of Constitution?


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Constitutions can be grouped by when they were written; for this reason, there are three categories: Early, later, and modern constitutions. With regard to modern constitutions, they will differ from country to country, depending on a nation's values, laws, political system, and amendments (these are changes to the constitution, which are made after its initial passing into law). The way a country is run, and how democratic a nation is, can often be determined by the stipulations in its constitution, which always dictate how government offices are run, and which departments have the ability to make decisions that affect the electorate.

Types Of Constitutions

• Early - Written in ancient Babylonia, one of the earliest constitutions ever written was created by a Babylonian named Hammurabi.
• Later - Some of the earliest recorded examples of written constitutions fall under this category. For example, the ancient Greeks created a written constitution in Athens, which dictated the way government offices would be structured. This is one of the earliest examples of a written constitution.
• Modern - In the early 17th century, The Fundamental Orders, a modern American constitution, was written in Connecticut. To this day, Connecticut is nicknamed "The Constitution State". During this important time period, other seminal constitutions were drafted in England, Sweden and the Ukraine (among many other nations).

Tracing the pathways of history through early, later, and modern constitutions sheds great light on social progress through the centuries. Democracies have used constitutions to set up governments that seek to serve the people in a way that is fair and just. Today, as much as ever, people on different political sides argue the merits of constitutions, and fight to uphold the value systems of their ancestors. While some wish to keep constitutions unchanged and sacrosanct, other look for amendments that will further the cause of social progress.
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