Is US Career Institute A Fraud?


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I just received my Certification in the Medical Claims and Billing Course.  It's not a fraud.
I completed the entire course online while working a full time time job as a Medical Office Associate.  I was hired with no medical experience, but thanks to US Career Institute I landed a secure position with a large hospital.  I am now looking at certification in Medical Coding.
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I am currently taking the Medical Claims and Billing course from US Career Institute. I am almost halfway through it and am learning a lot. Just because it is an online course, don't think that it's a breeze and that anyone can just sail through it. I don't think I would be learning anymore in a classroom than I am learning from the online course. I would highly recommend US Career Institute to anyone wanting to take a course from them.

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Thank you Shelley for your insight. It's nice to hear from people who know how to spell and make full sentances. I'm not trying to be an ass, I really do appreciate it. I have been trying to get info on US Career Institute for several days and no one seems willing to reply!?!?! I think your education is what you make of it, you pay for it, get what you can out of it. I have gotten tired of reading threads about how someone got ripped off and they can't even correctly write about it!
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I have been considering going thru US Career Institute myself but have never heard much about it from anyone. So you really think its a good deal? I want to do the medical billing and coding course but was waiting to hear from anyone else who is doing it themselves... So you really think it worth it?? Please let me know... Thank you!!!
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Hi. My name is susie. I have been enrolled in the medical billing/claims program for over a yr mow. I too was and still am a bit skeptical as far as starting a home based business. But I know someone that did it and does well for themselves. In my mind you look out for the schools that advertise more. They just want money, they too are a business. Schools such as this one for the most part awaits you to come to them. Harvard doesn't advertise do they? With a good reputation you ned not.
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I am halfway through my AS in Accounting and Business Management.  I have learned so much and my coworkers are impressed with my skills.  I know it sounds sort of like a commercial, but honestly, I can't say enough good things about them.  I love the payment options and I love all of my instructors so far.  I think many people don't have the motivation for online learning and then they fail out and that's why they feel they've been ripped off or scammed.  I haven't had a single problem with anything.  Distance learning isn't for everyone, but if it's something you really think you can handle, this school is wonderful.  The staff is wonderful and my materials come on time.  I have kept a teacher on the phone over an hour before because I was so frustrated that I wasn't understanding something.  She wouldn't let me hang up until she was convinced I understood.  Lol.  You don't get one-on-one help like that usually.  It's pretty fantastic.  ^_^  Sorry- a lot of thoughts there, but hopefully this helps!
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I just started my program through them but already I feel like I am getting my money's worth and they are very helpful. I am in the Business Management program. I am very cautious when it comes to ordering anything online because I have been scammed before but I checked this one out first. I saw on the bottom of their site that it was accredited by the BBB so I decided to go to the BBB website and check them out. Everything looked great.
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They are 100% fully accredited and recognized nationwide. They have been around since the early 80's (no scam school would last that long) and they have an A+ rating with the BBB which is also a good sign.

It's good to be cautious when considering schools so it would even be worth calling for more information. You can hit their website for more details about affiliations and accreditation etc.
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I am also trying to get some information on the US Career Institute as I want to do their Event Planning course.  I live in the Caribbean and I have tried to call the numbers on their website but I keep getting a recording that the number is not in service. I also tried emailing them and have not seen their response as yet.

Is there anyone doing their Event Planning Course and or know how I can find out the legitimacy of the school?   A contact number would also be helpful
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Thank you for giving USCI the chance to respond and answer
your questions. U.S. Career Institute offers career-focused, flexible,
accredited and affordable certificate and degree programs.

We are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the
Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The DETC Accrediting Commission
defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education
institutions. We are also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau,
with an A+ rating.

All of our courses are distance learning, meaning they’re
flexible and allow you to study and progress at your own pace. The materials we
provide are easy to understand and customized for our students.

We also offer affordable tuition, complete with
interest-free monthly payment plans. For most of our programs, our students
only need to have paid 50% of their tuition and be up to date on payments to
receive their certificate upon completion of the program.

Our Student Services Representatives, as well as
instructors, are available to answer any of your questions during enrollment. And
while it’s important to keep in mind that employers will have different hiring
requirements, we offer our students unlimited graduate support from our
experienced Graduate Counselors. This includes resume, interview and
professional development tips and advice.

Lastly, we are so confident that our programs are the most
dependable and effective way to learn and start a new career, that we offer our
Success Promise. Complete your course and our Success Promise program and you
will get a job within six months, or we will give you all of your money
back.  Learn more at

If you have further questions regarding U.S.
Career Institute or any of our programs, please contact us at 866-250-6851 – we
look forward to hearing from you!

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