Is Hotel Managment As A Career A Good Career Choice?


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Yes. Hotel management is a good career option. But the simple truth remains that competition lies everywhere and I does not exclude this field. Thus if you want to enter the field of Hotel management as ling as you have the aptitude and drive you should not face any problem.

Remember the only reason a restaurant or hotel not work is because customer satisfaction is not their priority. Have you heard of any hotel closing down that did well?

It is best if you go for an aptitude test and find out your own aptitude and which vocation is best for you. As far as hotel management goes, with the right hotel management degree and or a business management degree you are all set to sail in this career.
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As far as the career is concerned I think that Hotel Management is one of the programs in which you will gain a wide-range of training in the hospitality field. This then helps to build an effective decision making ability to enhance your skills. You will also understand the necessaries of how to run a successful hotel or food services business.

During training of this program you will came to know how a manager can purchase and how they can make decisions about the staff. In this regard you will enhance your decisions making power which is very important in life.

For a career it is the best program because hotels are the most visible and important aspects of a country. You have a chance to work with multi- national food chains like McDonald's and KFC etc. You have to work with different people from different locations from time to time and working with larger establishments, for the largest food chains the chance of growth is 100%. With all these work experiences, somehow you will be able to open up your own hotel or restaurant.

In any field of life, management is the main part and if you have such training you can get a job anywhere. So from my viewpoint it is a good career option.
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No it is not,it sucks
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It is good career now a days. As peoples going on travel and also many hotels are built daily. So yes, I think its a good career.

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Yeah, it's a good and interesting job but it has its scope only in those cities which have hugs tourism industries such as Dubai, Las Vegas, Switzerland etc.

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