How To Attract The Children Attention At The Beginning Of The Year?


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I agree with itenalaa. Have a nice classroom set up, like abc's, numbers, colors, etc. Have several different play areas along with corresponding monthly themes. You can do like a brief morning greeting, rules, days of the week(today is ...),have a special color, number and letter for the week and you would not believe the results you get back from them.

They will bring little things to you and this is red or in looking at books they will spot that special letter, go into areas(this is where they really do a lot of learning on their own and you monitor). They learn a lot in just doing this and they don't realize that they are even learning. Books are very important in their learning and reading to them.

There is a lot of sites online that have great ideas. Just have fun and engage with them.
Kids love to learn to first tear and then practice cutting skills, gluing, coloring, tracing and don't forget the painting and play-doh(messy, but they love it).
Have FUN!
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I think that most of the children at this age needs games and activities more than anything else, so if you can combine between learning and playing through variety of activities it will attract their attention and make them more engagable in classroom.
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It is very important to show them how much heart you will put into the students and be able to keep activities interesting and fun. Remember the attention span may not be too long. However, being firm while being loving will allow the students to also know the boundaries. Good luck!

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