Why Is It Important To Attract Retain Customers?


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I am not certain which of several meanings you are thinking of when you ask about attracting and retaining abc customers. However, I will offer some ideas for attracting and retaining customers. In seeking methods to improve profits by attracting and retaining customers consideration of a particular group of people may not be a wise thing to do according to research. Providing products, which draw attention to women, men, children, teens etc is the key the to marketing. Attracting and retaining customers is both simple and difficult because it is marketing. Marketing can be good or not good, but marketing is the key to attraction and retention of customers.

If, matters not whether one is marketing a product in a retail store, grocery, on the internet or a roadside stand. The key is good marketing practices. This begins with choosing good products to sell. If, a product is not all it is promised to be, the retention of customers will fall short. Who buys a product a second time, if the product is not good? The key is for the seller to know the product, the truth about the product, and avoid selling products, which are failures. Good packaging attracts and retains customers when a product is good. Good packaging computes to easy for adults to open.

Some essentials to attract and retain customers:

1. Monitoring the quality of your products and the services you provide is invaluable. Satisfied customers return!
2. Hold grand openings or open houses including discounts, free gifts, or perhaps a drawing for door prizes, etc.
3. Adjust price to fit the market, know the level of income in the region. Everyone will buy something, if it is their cost range.
4. Use classified ads, TV & radio, talk shows, Evening News, Magazines, Bulletin boards, Doctors and similar offices, etc.
5. A great website professionally created and managed. Add surveys about products where customers can go and make comments.
6. A Charity Fund raiser for a local charity. Clowns, balloons, etc. to attract parents with children.

There are many ways to attract and retain customers and it requires, hard work, knowledge of your locality, reaching out to all customers. Good products, good service equals success!
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Customers are always right and any business is based on the needs of customers. So it's very important to do what customer need, not we prefer because overall customers will choose what they need anyway. Also, don't ever think that the customer is very clever. You have to treat him as a baby especially in any topics about technology because not all of us know. Remember, no customers means no work.
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It is very important to satisfy a customers needs if you want to stay in business.
It helps promote the company's Economy; You could get more money and possible a promotion. :)
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Once someone has bought from you once, they are more likely to buy from you again.

In other words, it's easier to sell to an existing customer than someone who has never done business from you.

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The real purpose of business is to attract and retain a customer in a cost-effective manner.
A business successfully managing to do both will be the one able to survive in this competitive market. The major cause of any business failure is its lack of sales which is due to it's inability to attract and retain customers.

Industrial studies reveal :
1. A 5% increase in customer retention can translate to a 125% increase in profits.

2. The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than retaining an existing one .

3. A 2% increase in customer retention and cutting costs by 10% effect the profits in the same way.

4. In a direct retail business business,on an average , a regular and loyal customer is believed to spend three times more than an irregular customer.

Moreover, to give your business a competitive advantage ,you need to attract and retain customers. Your business is what your customers think of you , what they tell other people in your absence. And for customers, 'the older the better' is what fits in. The more loyal they are to you, the more highly they'll talk about you, which in turn will increase your credibility.

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