What Is EFQM?


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The EFQM stand for European Foundation for Quality Management, this Excellence Model was introduced in 1992. Its main purpose is to assess applications for The European Quality Award. Now it has become foundation for national and regional quality awards.

The EFQM Excellence Model can be used in different ways. Like:

• It can be use to Compare with other organizations
• It can be used as a guide to identify the areas of weakness so that they can be Improvement
• It can be used for the organization's management system as a Structure.
• It can be used as a tool for Self-Assessment where set of detail criteria are given and organizations grade themselves under different headings

There are many approaches for achieving excellence in performance but this model is based on the principle that:

Outstanding results are achieved with respect to People, Customers, Society and Performance with help of Leadership Policy and Strategy that is carried through Resources, People, Processes and Partnerships.


Following two tools are provided.
• RADAR Scoring Matrix
This is a scoring tool and organization can score them selves on following factors:
o Result: covers what an organization has achieved and what has to be achieved.
o Approach: covers what an organization plans to do to achieve target goals.
o Development: covers that at what extent the organization uses the approach and in what parts.
o Assessment and review: cover the assessment and review of both approach and development of the approach.
This is a self assessment tool for spotting different opportunities and build plans for improvement unlike scoring tool.

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