Why Is A Female Leader Is Better Than A Male Leader?


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This is a very controversial statement. There is no specific evidence that shows that Female leaders are better than male leaders or vice versa. It depends on the person regardless of whether he is a female or male. The qualities of a good leader are universal. Here are a few instances where Female leaders have made their mark and shown that they are better than men:
- Condoleeza Rice, Known as the world's most powerful and intelligent woman.
- Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany
- Governor General Michaelle Jean of Canada.
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I have worked with over 2500 board members

Maybe 10-15 men "got it"... Understood what the real meaning of leadership is.

While I would suggest that a greater percentage of women "get it", only a couple of women that I have worked with have been strong and able to get over the gender/position stuff.

Narcissism comes in many forms, people who understand have such a rare gift/quality.

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I think you all may have a misconception of what a leader is. I think you are all referring to Managers. Leaders are selected by people because they recognise and are attracted to them because of innate qualities that lead people to believe that they will be an agent of change. Managers on the other hand have been chosen by their superiors to fill a position of trust. We all know managers that have no leadership qualities.

During times of war and strife leaders become very apparent. People gravitate towards them seeking answers, knowledge and off course leadership. Sometimes you find junior officers and NCO’s becoming leaders despite the fact there may be a more senior ranking officer present.

Leaders tend to be visionaries and have the ability to articulate that vision to others. As you can see from this note leaders come to fore irrespective of gender or age.
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Hi, I must disagree with you that female leaders are better than male leaders. I feel if neither has been properly trained to become leaders, than they do not know how to lead. I have experienced some terrible female leaders and some good male leaders. Take Care!

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