What Is The Importance Of Personally Administered Questionnaire?


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When the survey is confined to a local area and the organization is willing and able to assemble groups of employees to respond to the questionnaires at the workplace a good way to collect data is to personally administer the questionnaires. The main advantage of this is that the researcher or a member of the research team can collect all the completed responses within a short period of time.

Any doubts that the respondents might have on any question could be clarified on the spot. The researcher is also afforded the opportunity to introduce the research topic and motivate the respondents to offer their frank answers. Administering questionnaires to large number of individuals at the same time is less expensive and consumes less time than interviewing it does not also require as much skill to administer the questionnaire as to conduct interviews. Wherever possible questionnaires are best administered personally to groups of people because of these advantages.

However, organizations are often unable or disinclined to allow work hours to be spend on data collection and other ways of getting the questionnaires back after completion may have to be found. In such cases employees may be given blank questionnaires to be collected from them personally on completion after few days or mailed back by a certain date n self-addressed, stamped envelops provide to them for the purpose.

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