What Happens When Enemas Are Administered?


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An enema is basically a bowel stimulant, quite similar to a laxative in function. However, the principal different in both the methods is that while laxatives are generally administered through oral means, an enema is administered directly into the colon, by inserting the device into the rectum. Enemas are generally used to treat conditions like constipation and bowel impactions. After an enema is done, there is a predetermined waiting time period after which the patient can eject faeces along with enema in the loo.

Enemas used to stimulate the bowel are generally constituted of water, or water along with baking soda or soap of a mild variety or other substitutes depending on the preference.

Enemas are also administered before surgical processes such as a colonoscopy, or to introduce substances to the bloodstream, sometimes even to pregnant women before labour to decrease the risk of faeces being passed at the time of labour.
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After hearing that enemas are one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and feel great getting all of the waste that stays in your system out ,I finally broke down and bought an enema kit..It will be here soon..Now I am very nervous and wondering,,,  how can I prepare myself for what is about to happen and what is going to happen? I do know that bodily waste sits in your intestines until your dead,so getting this out is a great thing,but I'm sure the experience will not be pleasant. I do know that it will be messy,so what can I do to not get grossed out and is there any pain involved?

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