Can Man Be An Architect Of His Own Fortune?


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The maxim means in plain English that the fortune of a man depends upon his own self; he can make or mar according as he wishes. In other words, the destiny of a man lies in his own hands, and he can be successful if he only wills it. Man has been sent out to this world by God endowed with all those qualities which are essential for greatness. It is up to man to utilise these qualities. If he puts his whole heart into his work and makes the best use of his talents, he cannot but be successful in life. He only courts failure, if he does not do this.

A man who possesses a strong will and a firm determination finds all difficulties solved. To him there are a thousand ways open to steer clear of all dangers and difficulties. Such a man goes on working hard, and even if he fails he is never downcast. Failures make him all the more determined and he persists in his task, till he attains the desired success. It is, therefore, the man, who labours hard with a strong resolution and an unshaken will, who achieves success and makes his fortune. A person must be persevering and must exert himself, if he wants to shape out his destiny.
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I think 80 to 90% of his own fortune maker is himself and rest is in God

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