What Do You Understand By The Term "Leadership"?


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Leadership is the art or process of influencing people so that they perform assigned tasks willingly and in an efficient and effective manner. Leadership is, therefore crucial in motivating and inspiring the workforce.

Not every human being has leadership qualities and it s a unique talent that is available in a few people. Some people or studies suggest that certain traits or signs of leadership depend on the person's energy, appearance while others focus on intelligence or personality (example aggressiveness, enthusiasm, self-confidence, inter personal skills or having social characteristics).

Most companies look for people who would be great potential leaders in the future for their company. That is why during interviews they conduct tests or ask questions by which it can be revealed if the candidate is a potential leader or not. A leader in other words, is an initiator who is not afraid of what he/she is doing and believes in him self and his decisions.

In any department, if the manager does not have leadership qualities, it can bring big dangers to the company and the performance of the team members is not as expected as it should have been. The manager should be stiff, patient, rigid, strong, friendly, as well as intelligent. The team members look towards the manager to guide them and if the manager fails to guide them like a good leader then the whole team fails to perform well.
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Leadership basically means the quality of leading or guiding a huge crowd of people. It is mainly like providing guidance or showing the right path. A person who has leadership qualities is known as a leader. There are a variety of leader is every part or work or organization. As you know, in a company there are a number of people working such as the employees, they follow the instructions given to them by their head or in simpler words by their boss or leader. A leader is someone who shows the possible way of doing things the right way. Not everyone possess this quality, there are very few who have what it takes to be a leader. A person who has the courage to tell someone their mistake, the knowledge to guide someone and the strength to move forward with a huge coward of people is not an easy job. A leader is someone who, can work hard in order to set an example for the others to follow. A leader is someone who is experienced and as well as mature enough to guide the whole tribe, at times, the leaders might not be as much mature but their mental level makes them the leader of all.

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