Can You Describes The Problems Faced By Farmers?


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As an agricultural country in the main, we need to understand the farmer's problems in detail like China, India and Australia. We have to provide food, jobs and chances of advancement to more than 70 percent of our people who live in the village. Many of these work on their farms of on the farms rented to them by the landowners (called landlord).
What is it dose not let our farmers produce a much as their counterparts (persons doing the same job). In the advanced countries like the US, Canada and Australia are doing. First and foremost is their problem of not knowing the best technique and methods of farming and not having the latest machines and equipment. It is because they are uneducated and are not in contact with those well informed about these.

Poverty and lack of resources is the second major problem of our farmer. In fact poverty, ignorance and immobility to use modern farm machinery and technique go hand in hand with our farmers. Without the purchasing power, how can a farmer get the modern machinery even when he is told about it? The problem can be overcome and solve d if the government takes away the property lands and capital in possession of the biggest landowners and uses them for the betterment of farmer. The availability of enough water at the time of sowing the crops and during their growth is now a major problem for our farmers.
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A big problem farmers worry about is getting there crops in in the dry, so that his animals have got some nice food. Another big problem is TB.

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