How Should I Decide Which Career To Choose?


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Choosing one's career all depends upon the interest and the aptitude one has. If you are still baffled about your career, then think about the professions that you always wanted to adopt and after this, decide that which career is the best for you; be it engineering or medicine. All you need is determination and nothing else!
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I didn't exactly choose my career. It more or less chose me. I graduated from college with a major in psychology, but in order to really do something in the field, a master's degree was necessary. I had had enough school for the time being, so I decided to get job to earn money for grad school.

Jobs were a bit scarce at the time, so I took a test for the IRS. I did well on it and got a seasonal position at the IRS. After five years I got a permanent job there. I took to the work, and I started my way up the ladder and eventually became a manager. Before I knew it, twenty-eight years had passed. I had the opportunity to travel all around the country and made a lot of friends. I learned so much. I thoroughly enjoyed my years with the government. As I said, my career chose me.
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Also make sure your chosen career is enjoyable and that you would be able to do it everyday for years. If you think it would get's probably not right for you
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We can choose a career in which we are having interest I choose my character or career as pilot because I like to fly
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I agree with robbier44,  I was a nurse for 35 yrs. Enjoyed all  my time.    Like what  you r  doing, be happy if you r young take 2-5 years to find out what you want to do then go for it.
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Although I'm still in high school I know what career I want.  I desperately want to be a writer.  When I write I just feel good.  Everything gets quiet and its like I'm on a boat in the middle of the ocean or just someplace really peaceful.  The way to pick your career is to just do something that makes you feel good.
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Choose what you like.And enjoy it.
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Looking back, my career chose me in many ways.  I gravitated naturally both in interest and opportunities toward what I was naturally prone to in skills and natural ability, and what personal values I held.  I really think this is the absolute best way to choose a career in retrospect, though I didn't even realize that's what was occurring over the years...    I am a big proponent of ability and type assessments and indicators that can give the individual a better picture of their abilities and careers that make good use of those.  From there, one can tailor their choices and look for opportunities to further develop their skill and experience in these areas.  Someone prone to view the world and relate to it in abstract and creative terms, and to work in a role capacity that allows them great deal of interaction with the public might not choose lab research, for example.  Someone with a strong aptitude for convergent problem solving will enjoy solving problems  (diagnostic and analytical), and might not be happy in a political lobbyist career, even thought they may have strong political views.    I say know thyself!  Know your natural abilities and tendencies/preferences for extraversion (different from extroversion) and introversion, communication, creativity, problem solving, special abilities and aptitudes (i.e. Individual musical propensity, rhythm, memory), etc.,  and seek a match with career.  Where the joy is, success follows.    Some good assessments in my opinion include the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Strong Interest Inventory, The Highlands Ability Battery (also called Natural Ability Battery), and several Emotional Quotient inventories.  There is a book that is republished in new edition each year since the 90's called "What Color is Your Parachute" which can assist you in further considering what might be a good fit for your ability and interest, and with resources to begin exploring these fields...      Also, it never hurts to understand your own personal life values when considering career.  There are many sites which offer free personal life values assessments so you can get a better picture.  Or you can go to the Live Well group on this site and look in content to get an example of how to begin to understand and really determine you own personal life values.  Here is the link to that group (just click on the blue words):  Live Well Home Page.  Scroll down the page to see the content on Life Values.      Good luck! :)
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It is widely said that when you choose a career, you should find out what you like to do, and go from there. The theory is, if you like your work, it isn't work then.

You get to do something you like, or love to do, and you get paid for it. (I can't be a mom chasing kids all my life, so my options are getting slim ha ha).

Obviously, you want to do something that you can support yourself on financially, and there is a large variety of things that you can pick and choose from.

Computers are very popular, and with that, the costs of learning have come down over the years depending on the courses you study.

There's mechanical, cooking, commission sales, art, literature, music, trade, (as in stock and market, or overseas trading), electrical, engineering, railroad, aviation, all of which have many fields to choose from, not just the captain of the boat so to speak.

Just think about what you like to do best, and go from there, hope this helps. Good luck.
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One of the most difficult questions every person has to face in their life is what career to choose Well the solution to this question simply lies on what you want to do all your life. You will have to look at your options and decide which one suits you the most.

Obviously you will have to be educated in the particular field that you choose to opt for. For example if you think of becoming a doctor, you will have to become a medical student and spend 4 years of residency. Look at such factors and then decide if you can do it.

See what are you good at, and will it pay off good in future. If you are a boy, then you will some day have to support your family. Think of such aspects of life and then see if it is possible for you to do the thing you want to do.

I would also suggest you go to a proper career councillor, as they take an interview first, observe your actions, judge you and then advise what career to choose. Although I think a person him self is the best judge to decide what he or she should choose as a career.

It simply depends if you are looking for good money making career or a career which satisfies you mentally.
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I chose my (potential) career because I saw the pride my Dad took in his job when he served in the military. I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Since I joined, I've enjoyed it. I've done a tour in Iraq already and I'm about to do another. It's definitely not easy but I managed and I learned a lot. I know I could be at other jobs making a lot more money. But I don't think there are too many others, in which I would take nearly as much pride. So I think I can take the hit on making more money for my enjoyment and pride.
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Two roads diverged in a wood...
And I took the one less traveled by...
And that has made all the difference. (Robert Frost) What is important in a life well lived? Is it wealth? Do we measure our lives by the friends we have? Do we look at how powerful we have become? Will we be judged on how deeply we have loved? Should we gauge our lives by how we serve others? Is our success in a 'good' family? There are so many ways that society measures success, and which one you seek after will determine which career you pursue. When you lie on your deathbed, what will you look back on that will cause you to say, "My life was well spent"? There are many paths through the woods. I would urge you to consider the narrow path that is less traveled by.
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Think for few minutes what are the hidden talents in you. Don`t go the way against your interest. It`s you who has to study the useful thing, which helps you to build a great career. But all you need is
self-confidence and broad thinking. Don`t go for a hardwork but do smartwork. This is the ultimate key for any success.
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You just chose it by what you think will make you happy ....that is how I would choose mine
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I'd have to agree with biostudent. Make a list of things you like and can do and what your most comfortable with! But if you really really need a job look at something little like in the news paper and build you way up. What is your dream?...
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Think of what it is that makes you happy and what it is that you truly enjoy doing. Then research to see if there are jobs related to what you enjoy doing. Then pursue that career. The saddest thing in the world is to get up every morning dreading to go to work... What if you couldn't wait to go to work because it was something you truly enjoyed... You would also be more productive and more profitable in something you enjoy.
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Find something that you enjoy doing and go with it. I like drafting and design so I am going to be a civil engineer/draftsman I have always enjoyed building things and drawing so it seems to me to be a logical career choice. Just think about what you like and what your talents are and then do some research on what you have decide would be good careers. Remember a career is something that you plan to do for the rest of your life. It isn't a job like flipping burgers at McDonalds or mowing lawns. I hope this helps. ^_^
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I had a lot of jobs before...from a Legal Assistant to a College Professor. I quit all those for I was not totally happy. In my long range of experience, I met all kinds of people in all walks of life. A formed one company at a time after each company has survived and have made a name in the industry. I chose personally the very people I've known whom I've reposed my trust. They helped me run the companies. They are all smart and can work with less supervision. I started as a General Manager, then as a
General Executive Manager and now as CEO. This is where and what I am now in the corporate ladder.
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My choice of my career started when I was still a little child, when my father pointed to me the high towers in the big city. My father told me that I can make my own Tower(or big building as well). He introduced to me the concept of being an engineer. I still remember, my father gave me magazines after work. This magazines are about airplanes, so I have my plans in my mind to become an engineer and a pilot as well ^^

I think, your experiences will tell you which career will you love. The more you love something, the more you will give your best efforts, the best way you will be at your best career ^^
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Do a google for " Free career testing"
Do a lot of career testing...
Go to your employment office near you....
Career testing is free with employment office.
Also they may offer career choice seminars/workshops/courses that are free.
Before investing time and money, DO CAREER TESTING!!
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Father in law got me a job in the industry. I was forced to be responsible by raising children. As time went on I continued to excel until it became second nature, and well I ended up enjoying it so I stayed.

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