What Influenced You To Choose This Career?


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I guess you are talking about working for Blurt It?

The site allows people to put their skills to work by hopefully answering other peoples questions in a sensible and well informed way.
The writers for Blurt It come from many backgrounds and have a wide range of skills on many subjects.

My own training is in archaeology and British pre-history. I also trained in history and social history and have worked in museums , archives and as a researcher for family and social history. I would hope that my skills can be put to good use in many of the categories on Blurt It.

I have also worked with under-privileged youngsters and hope that the skills learned in this field will help someone.

Another advantage of this work is the facility to work from home and work either full or part-time. Although obviously we don't meet each other , there is a feeling of community here and we do 'get to know' each other through our work on the site.

It is also a learning experience. In addition to working and imparting knowledge(hopefully!) we all have the chance to learn from each other.

It's a nice place to work and allows me to pursue other interests and jobs too.
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Economics, travel, knowledge, people, etc and pretty much happy with my self.....the best to you and thanks for the question.....
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I was offered a job when I was just 20 (just completed degree), at that time I was not thinking about anything. Now that it's almost 16 years into my career, I feel privileged to be in the present field.
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In my point of view my city and around the peoples like my friends, family members growth and necessity of my lifestyle changes these are factors are make me think about evaluating and influencing career options...

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