How To Sell A Product In An Interview?


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A few tips on how best to sell a product during an interview are as follows:

  • Sell the benefits
  • Do not sell the features
  • Do some research regarding the product you are selling
  • Ask yourself why you would want to buy the product

In order to sell anything you have to first be prepared. So, conduct some research about the product you have to sell. What do you already know about it? What did you not know about it? Often times it is what we do not know that can aid in the selling of a product. The reason for this is that the other person may not know the answer either. Little details that are not often used in advertising methods can be the difference between selling a product and not selling it.

Also ask yourself why you would want the product. If you have no faith in the product it will be harder to sell. On the other hand, if you are a good enough actor or actress you can probably get through the interview without showing your real feelings towards the product. Still, you should ask why someone would want the product you have to sell in the interview. This helps you focus on what benefits to discuss.

A key to selling a product is always having a gimmick. What could you do differently from anyone else in an interview selling the same product? Think outside your normal box to determine what might be something different.

Create a plan for how you will sell that product. If you have a plan you will be more likely to succeed. Keep in mind that you are selling benefits and not features. Features on a product can be similar, so it is better to find a benefit that does not exist with another product of its type such as selling Coke versus a different coke product - there is a taste difference.

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