I Have An Interview At An MBA Program For Research Assistant For Unknown Professors. How Do I Prepare? What Kind Of Questions Should I Ask?


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Rachel Sharp answered
To prepare for the interview, identify what the desirable skills and abilities would be for the job. Then figure out which of those skills you have to offer. It might be helpful to rehearse in your mind what you will talk about. An interview is a chance to sell your professional abilities so know the product - yourself!

Some relevant experience and skills might include: good researching abilities, familiarity with library and computer research tools, good organization, logical thinking, and the ability to work well with others.

It might be helpful to establish which experiences you have that relate to the key skills of the job. If you have already thought about them, it will be easier to articulate at the interview.

You should ask questions that are relevant to the job. Of course you'll want to establish the basics like hours and pay. Perhaps you have some questions about the programme. Demonstrating an interest in the job will make a good impression.

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