What Is The Salary Of A Dancer So You Think You Can Dance Tour?


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There does not appear to be any disclosure as to exactly how much a dancer gets paid for going on the "So You Think You Can Dance?" tour. However - it could probably be assumed that the payment dancers receive is quite high.

"So You Think You Can Dance?" is a reality television talent show that looks to scour the country for the next big thing in the world of dance. It has a similar format to other talent shows on television.

  • The format of the program

The show begins with individuals performing in an audition for a panel of judges. These judges are viewed to be relative experts in the field of dance and they feature throughout the duration of the series. These judges gradually collect a group of individuals whom they will take through with them to the latter stages of the competition.

Gradually, the contestants are voted off the show until there are only four remaining. These four then battle it out during the finale by performing a solo dance, as well as a several other performances throughout the course of the evening. Then the general public votes for the one they want to win.

Once the votes have been collected and counted, the final contestants are arranged in fourth, third, second and first place.

  • The So You Think You Can Dance tour

When the show is over, the finalists and some of the other contestants who were voted off the show embark on the "So You Think You Can Dance?" stage tour. This tour is taken all around the country and features a variety of performances from many genres of dance.

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