What Do You Mean By Job Satisfaction?


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Job satisfaction is when you have done something you are pleased with. I feel for job satisfaction you have to know your job well and be content with your colleagues and surroundings. Good employers offer further training and the possibility of promotion. You will also be paid a fair rate for the job done.
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I totally answer that your job satisfaction is basically depend in your condition. Whether it's sufficient to support your life and whether it's feel comfortable in you yourself.
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we say job satisfaction, we are actually talking about the level of
satisfaction or how content the employee is from his or her job. Job satisfaction
depends on a multiplicity of factors including extrinsic factors like pay and also
on intrinsic factors like the work environment. In order to be satisfies from
the job, an employee has to be provided all the necessary intrinsic and
extrinsic factors. 
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We can define it by our feeling, if we feel satisfaction of it and it depends on the level too, like : The level of satisfaction that you need and the difference of what we feel as it's not the same, we have the different ideas and hope.

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