What Do You Understand By Job Analysis,job Specification And Job Title?


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Job Analysis is when you analyse a particular job, for example a job of a Executive Assistant, the HR department analyses this particular job, the job profile, duties responsibilities and then accordingly decided the remuneration, timings, leave procedures etc for this particular category of job. This particular exercise is called job analysis. On the basis of this the job is offered to candidates and other aspects are decided.

Job Specification - This is a sheet which is prepared for every single job in the company. Each job has certain duties and responsibilities, these are listed and given to the person who joins the organisation, this is known as job specification. This is a very important document which all the employees get on the day they join work. This dossier contains their job profile.

Job Title - This refers to the Title or designation to different people working in the Organisation at various levels, The person who manages the office and is the overall Head is the Managing Director, this is a job title. His assistant is Executive Assistant, this is also a job title.

I hope I have been able to explain the differences.

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