Who Led The Union Army In The American Civil War?


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General Ulysses S. Grant
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The American Civil War was a test of nerves and President Abraham Lincoln had every intention to save the Union and this could only be accomplished by defeating the Confederate States of America. For this purpose, a strong leadership role was required for the Union army, which would serve not only to train the soldiers but also to motivate them enough to defeat the Confederate soldiers.

According to President Lincoln, the perfect person for fulfilling these requirements was General Lee to whom he offered the position of the Union army leader but General Lee refused to fight the war against his own state, which was Virginia, which had become a Confederate state by then. The next choice of President Abraham Lincoln for the leadership role of the Union army was General George McClellan, who led the Union army for quite a many battles during the American Civil War nevertheless one clunker of his led President Lincoln to remove him from the leadership position for the Union army.

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