How Should I Maintain The Stock Register For IT Equipment?


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Most of the IT equipment comes with a serial number that should be recorded with the sales and also in stocks. And the prices of the equipments can vary with the batches that arrive from different suppliers and days.

Therefore you have to maintain three different files (or database tables) for Inventory (list of items), Batches and Serial number pool.

You can write a list of all the different items you sell in the inventory.
When a new batch is arrived, you have to put a record in the Batches file (DB table) and all the serial numbers in a page of Serial numbers book with the date received.

When an item is sold, you have to write the date of sale in front of the serial number. This will make it easier when it comes to warranty claim.

If you maintain paper files, you have to maintain reference numbers to find linkage between the records.

And if you use database tables, you have to put proper primary and foreign keys to map between those tables.

That means, you have to give an Id to each item, Batch code for each batch and those numbers in the serial numbers file with the date.
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