What Is The Responsibilities Of Admin Officer?


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An admin officer's main responsibilities are financial, such as accounting and administrative to help with personal services.

  • Administer and monitor
An admin officer is responsible for administering and monitoring the financial system at a place of business, in order to help in preparation with the budget, financial policies, the ledgers and bank statements.

  • Accounts payable/ receivables
An officer in administration is going to deal with the accounts payable and receivables in a business. They work to safeguard the funds, purchase orders and even reconcile the weekly deposits.

  • Employee files and records
Administration in a business tends to keep the employee files and records in order to make certain that wages, benefits and other allowances are organized. Employment agreements, benefit reports, payroll and payroll reports are part of the job activities.

  • Supervising responsibilities
Admin officers hold positions of supervisory capacity such as managing other employees, filing, storage and security. They also respond to inquiries and manage maintenance, repairs and insurance coverage.

There are other responsibilities for an admin officer too, these are often explained by the business that is hiring an admin officer. The officer may request to add duties in for payment or may make certain they will have proper payment for the jobs being asked.

  • Responsibilities based on knowledge
Knowledge can sometimes determine the admin officer's responsibilities. For example, accounting may not be a full part of the duties if the education is geared more towards HR work. The skills needed for most admin positions do include accounting as mentioned above.

Cultural and political issues may also add to the duties one needs to take on if the position is with the government or a legislative body. Supervisory skills are most definitely required no matter the other responsibilities given. One should also have analytical and problem solving skills.
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Admin officer is over all responsible for attendance of staff. Maintenance of office and vehicles under his control .looking after personal files of officials ,arrange their duties .
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An admin officer is to ensure the smooth running of all the office activities such as
Facility Management
• the office is clean at all times
• ensures lights, air conditioners, furniture etc are available and in good condition
• Ensures effective control of stationery inventory and distribution

Monitoring and Reporting
• Monitors contact with suppliers and customers

• Any other duty as may be assigned from time to time
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Duties of admin officer

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