What Are The Main Tasks Of A An Admin Assistant?


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One of the main things employers look for in an administrative assistant is flexibility; this is because the requirements of the job can vary a lot from one company to another, and even from day to day.

There are certain tasks which would almost certainly form part of your duties. These include:

-managing a database (inputting, updating etc)

-producing documents eg reports, letters and/or invoices

-interacting with clients face-to-face or on the phone

-duties connected with finance such as spreadsheet calculations

-checking, proofreading and approving documants produced by others

-keeping records such as the minutes of meetings

Other duties would probably be explained to you at the interview. In any case you would need a good level of computer literacy, good written and verbal skills and a conscientious approach. There is a general description of an admin assistant's duties at ADMINASST

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