Have You Ever Worked With Someone That You Did Not Get Along With As Part Of A Team? How Did You Handle That Situation?


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Crystal Marguax Forlaleza Profile
yes I already experienced that situation. Ill give you 1 sample that I made!
I have this co-worker doesn't share his thoughts & ideas.when we have a deadline reports to submit.what  I did was, I finished first the report before talking to him and asking why he doesn't want to share! Then when I submitted the report which I make alone by my self it was appreciated by our boss.when I am  talking to him telling everything, I was afraid maybe he might had a bad comment but I am glad that he recognized and appreciate my work  as a result our ability to work well together significantly increase. So don't hesitate to ask or tell your opinion to your co - workers  because it might help developing good relationship on your team.

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