How Would You Explain Appropriate Use And Purposes Of The Alphabetic Index And Tabular List To A New File Clerk?


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As the question has not been fully loaded it is therefore not really possible to answer it accurately. Also due to it being a homework question it is best that you actually write out the answer yourself.

Here are some hints and tips that should aid in completing your homework task:

· Look through past lecture notes and textbooks

Most homework which is set has something to do with the area that has previously been covered in a lesson or lecture. Therefore going back through your lecture notes could help refresh your memory and give you lots of useful information to implement into your answer.

You should also have a few textbooks on the subject you are studying and so again looking through this should provide you with extra information to help with your question on the appropriate uses of the tabular-list and alphabetic index.

· Research online

It is perfectly fine to use the Internet to help with your homework, but there is certainly a difference of research to simply taking someone else's answer for yourself.

Therefore use the Internet to gain a better understanding of the question and possible answer but don't plagiarize.

Some useful websites for a question covering such topics can be found at:

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If you are still struggling with the question then it is best to ask for some extra help from your tutor or an extension on the deadline. There is no need to suffer in silence and so it is always best to ask for help.

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