Is There A Edd Office In Bakersfield,ca?


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There is an Employment Tax Office located in Bakersfield, California. This office is related to the EDD system and its offices; however, it may not provide all of the services clients are looking for. The EDD, or Employment Development Department, does run a series of Call Centers that can be used to get useful information about Employment services. You can find these call centers in the California area, although there is not a specific branch in Bakersfield, California at this time. The current phone numbers for these handy call center branches are not toll-free:

• EDD Call Centers In California

Los Angeles


Orange County



Checking the central EDD website is also a useful way to access EDD services for the Bakersfield, California area. The url for this website is: This detailed, easy-to-navigate website offers tons of information about EDD and what the department can do for job seekers. For example, the website features an Internet job bank, as well as a bank for resumes. Known as CalJOBS, this database is stocked with a vast number of job opportunities in the Bakersfield region. As well, the site offers a toolkit for job hunters that includes labor market research and career guidance services. If you need to file for UI (Unemployment Insurance) or access Disability Insurance, the website can point you toward the proper channels and contact information.

The EDD website is a bustling portal that also offers users access to payroll tax data and associated forms. Family Leave claim information is also available at this url. The EDD is there to assist people who need to find new jobs, obtain benefits, or explore new career paths. This Government of California service is meant to strengthen the economy of the State of California.
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Yes there is. It is located at 11623 Glenoaks Blvd. Tel. # (661) 336-6893.
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The 800 number that EDD gives you to call is a joke.  You can never get through.  Here are  direct numbers to the EDD call centers:

Los Angeles Call Center
(323) 993-4705

Oakland Call Center
(510) 622-1286

Orange County Call Center (Buena Park)
(714) 279-7232

Riverside Call Center
(951) 782-3211

Sacramento Call Center
(916) 574-1711

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