What Are The Benefits Of An Induction Programme To Both The Management And New Employees?


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There are several benefits of an induction programme for both the management and for new employees.

Firstly, an induction programme is an ideal way to gently ease in new employees. Starting a new job can sometimes be very daunting for people so before throwing them straight into the work environment it is worth giving them an induction. This can help to inform a new employee of the rules of the work place and it is also often used to put across any health and safety guidelines.

When more than one employee is starting at a company then the induction can also be a great bonding exercise, or 'ice-breaker', for new staff to get to know one another and to feel comfortable working together in the future.

The benefits for the management is also visible as they get to push forward the way they wish their new employees to act and to tell them exactly what is expected of them. A successful workforce is one that everyone knows what their role is and how to complete the tasks assigned to them. Therefore, without an induction day, time and money can be lost further down the line when the staff member doesn't meet the required standard due to not being told exactly what is expected of them.

The fact almost all businesses run induction days and sessions speaks volumes. It is the correct way to get everyone starting on the right foot and saves a lot of expense later down the line if errors need to be rectified.
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The induction program would help the management to streamline the workload and it will increase the efficiency of the work and would be time saving.

Similarly the employees would have less burden on them after the induction and they would be able to achieve their goals in time. The productivity and efficiency of the employees will be increased.
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Benefits of induction programme

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