Can You Give Me A Very Good Thesis Topic In Nursing?


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With all the recent changes in regulation within medicine, and nursing in particular, a poignant thesis topic could be 'the essence of care in modern medicine'. Your thesis could address the idea that modern nurses need to balance the dignity, privacy, hygiene and care of their patients with the demands of constantly changing regulations within medicine. With the evr changing environment of medicine it could be important for a thesis to address the need to maintain patient care whilst adhering to regulations. You could introduce your thesis with a brief outline of what regulations have changed or been added within the last 12/24 months. Presenting work and your study in this area could really illuminate the success or failure of regulations with regards to patient care and provide a stepping stone for regulatory change in the future. Depending on the length of your thesis it may even be appropriate to review the cost of regulations and weighing the cost against the benefits accrued to patients and staff alike. Chapters could include information about acceptable levels of patient care and how regulations help or hinder nurses in their role of providing comfort and support to patients. You could review current regulations and guidelines within topics such as ensuring privacy, giving dignity to patients and patient hygiene and come to a conclusion about whether the regulations need to change to match the work that nurses currently do or whether the regulations help in bringing care to patients in these areas. It may even be worth cross-referencing the regulations of your health organisation alongside regulations for nurses in other regions or countries and come to a conclusion about how your region is doing in comparison to nearby regions or countries.
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You can choose any topic but try to choose a topic for which you can easily get help from your coordinator. You can choose topics like

• Nursing support to old people
• Prenatal Care and it's significance
• New developments in the treatment of cancer

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