How Can I Become An Air-hostess?


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The job of air hostess is a great career and if you are determined, hard working and meet the criteria it may not take you too long to realize your dream.

Firstly, as mentioned above, to be considered for training as an air hostess you must meet their requirements. The standard criteria for an air hostess is as follows:

- You must be at least five feet and two inches tall
- You must have recognized qualifications in both maths and English
- You must be able to swim and tread water
- You must have no visible tattoos
- You must have references for the past five years of work
- Your weight must be in proportion to your height

If you do meet all the above criterion then the next step is to apply for training. The training on average takes around four to six weeks and is usually in a group environment. In this time you will be given training in both a classroom setting and also in-flight and on-board simulators. Accommodation is usually supplied during your training course.

Once you have passed the training course you could well be offered a job if the company running the course is actually one of the airlines. However if this is not the case, then it is a little bit like applying for any other job. You send off your CV which will now include that all-important training qualification and hopefully you will be called in for an interview. Fingers crossed and good luck.
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If you aspire to become an air-hostess, you should pursue an air-hostess training course. The certificate you obtain at the end of the course will entitle you to join an airline as a flight attendant. You can log on to the Internet and visit the website for more information about a career as an air-hostess.

The basic criteria to become an air-hostess are that the aspirant must be fit, well-groomed, have a pleasant personality, possess the ability to handle different kinds of passengers and be proficient in English as well as a foreign language (preferably French, German or Spanish).

Most airlines insist that the candidate has at least one year's work experience in any of the fields of customer service, so that they are able to deal with various types of people.
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Well just work hard in things

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