Why Would Someone Resign From Their Work?


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There are a whole load of reasons why someone might quit their job.

It really depends on the personal circumstances of the individual in question, and the job they are resigning from.

Why people quit their jobs I've quit a few jobs in my time:

  • Once when we were relocating to a different city,
  • Once when I found a job that offered more money,
  • And once when I found out I was pregnant and decided to stay at home to look after my baby girl.
In each of these cases, my personal circumstances played a big role in my decision.

Unhappiness is one of the major reasons people quit their job but, if an employer is conscientious and professional, they'll want to retain as many of their employees as possible.

There is a certain amount of money involved in training and teaching people to do their job, and all that is wasted if someone ends up leaving because they are unhappy.

The reasons people resign from their work
Because people go to work for money, it's safe to assume that monetary issues are also good reasons for leaving a job. If another employer is willing to offer you more money, that is a pretty good reason to quit your job and jump ship.

Career progression is another reason. If you feel that you can't progress with the company you're currently working for, you may start looking for employment elsewhere.

For anyone who's considering handing in their notice, I'd recommend planning your next step well ahead, so you don't get caught out with no income!
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People resign from their work because they are not happy doing that job.

It is best to find other work before resigning (quitting) your work. If you don't, you spend all of the money you made.

Some people resign their work because they may have won the lottery or became wealthy some other way and don't need to work anymore. These people are considered lucky or smart.
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Because of uncomfortable conditions such as: Inconsistent policies, promises unfulfilled, unhealthy environment, unappreciative management and unreasonable pay.

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