What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Semi Structured Interviews?


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I used a semi-structured interview style with the two people I interviewed. I chose this interviewing method as it is the best way to capture how a person thinks or feels on a particular topic, for me I can let the interviewee speak with more than just their words but with facial and bodily expression too. Also, it allows the interviewee to go into as much depth as they feel they want to, whereas other interview types wouldn’t allow this type of freedom. I may have questions I want to ask which will be answered over time, but the semi-structure method allows me to ask questions that haven’t been written down if I feel appropriate. However, there are draw-backs to the method, the main being that it is so time-consuming. Not just the collecting of the data, but the transcribing and analysis of the data. Also, it is very easy to digress and become sidetracked with anecdotes and generally inappropriate information.
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