What Are The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Indirect Oral Interview?


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An indirect oral interview is a particular method that is used in order to collect primary data. This is done if the information needed considers a large area, and it is collected via a third party or witness. The process consists of an interviewer contacting a third party who has the ability to supply certain information. Basically, this technique is generally adopted if the information needed is very complex or the person they need to retrieve the information from will not comply if they are contacted directly. It is a method that is usually carried out by law enforcement.

The advantage of this method is that it doesn't cost a lot of money because a legion of people won't be needed to carry out the task, therefore it is positive economically. Also, this particular technique of interview should allow a third party to retrieve confidential information which is likely to be honest, reliable and unbiased. However, the main downside of adopting this method is that the information may not be given to you very accurately which could prove a problem.

Another method of collecting primary data is going through the services of a correspondent, which is a process that newspaper agencies usually take on. They appoint local agents in a different place in order to retrieve the specific information. Moreover, mail questionnaires are often sent out to get information from people. The questionnaire will pose a list of questions and sent to various homes via the mail service.

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