1. What Motivates You To Join Our Company?


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Well here is my reply for this; well there is rarely any chance that no one will ask this particular question from you. It's the one of the main question to check your capability and interest in your job. And believe me it's the easiest question as well. Just be preparing yourself for this and make a rehearsal at your home. Ask your friend to ask some of these particular questions from you. Actually most of the companies want to notice your interest in the company and how much you are attached with it.

Are you really an ambitious person or just came there by chance, just accidentally. So now it's your chance to show them that you know about the company and its dealing. You want to be a part of it. You want to go ahead with this company and company will make benefits while hiring you. Tell them that you are very serious and mature person. And don't show them kiddy behavior and immaturity. Try to find out about the company before interview and research its dealing and interests. That will help you in the interview.

Tell them how important it's for you to work with them. And that you will defiantly fit their company better. In 30 second elevator speech I will again recommend the shortest answer.You can say."Just to learn from you".One thing you should remember that be humble and don't show here your overconfidence by saying "just to change the world" or "to give you betterment"…it will show as if you are not here for continuity but to maintain stability
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Hopefully you will have researched the company for the job you are applying. If that be the case and you are still interested enough to apply then my answer "absolutely...where do I sign?"
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Do research on the company. Why did you like them? What can you bring to the company? That is what motivates you. You think your skills can be capitalized there and you like the environment.
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I like very much your company because the work environment is good.
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Willing to work
show your dedication

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