What Does A Hospital Registrar Do?


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As a registrar in our facility I am responsible for gathering all health information as well as personal and financial information of every single patient that enters the buildings. We are per-say "the gate keepers" of mainly the emergency room and above floors.
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I am guessing that this is a USA question because in the UK a Registrar is a grade of qualified doctor, just 2 steps below Consultant. Another instance where an indication of country of origin of Q and A would be useful.
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A registrar basically signs in patients.
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The hospital registrar is responsible for a number of functions like;
- Performing all the registration functions at the information desk as well as inpatient and outpatient registration
- Initiate certification and obtain authorization for providing services.
- Verify eligibility for insurance certification.
- collect all co-payments.
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I am in hospital and told I need to see a registrar, why would I need to see one, what do they do?

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