How Do You Write An Application For The Post Of Teacher?


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When writing an application for any position, you should always try to outline why you believe you are the best for the role. You should always make sure that you look at your experience and make sure that you expand and elaborate on what you feel is the most important part of working or educational experience you have.

Here are a few points that can help when writing an application for the post of teacher.

  • Introduction.
Make sure that you introduce yourself. Add a bit of personality by writing down your likes and dislikes and how you feel that you would help the children that you will be teaching.

  • Career aspirations.
Elaborate on what you would like to get out of the post of teacher, why you have decided it is time to apply for this job and why you would like to work with this age group and in this school or college.

  • Educational background.
What level of education you have and why you feel it is relevant. Make sure you outline anything that is specific to teaching and you show the different things that you learned within your teacher training. What did you specialize in and what have you done that was extra curricular (and relevant to your career).

  • Working background.
Where you have worked before what the role was, what kind of responsibilities you had and what you have done in the past in your working career. If you have some non teaching based experiences, put them in if you believe that the skills are transferable.

  • Achievements.
Make sure that you outline any achievements that you have made in previous roles that prove that you will give more than just your teaching and what is expected of you. It is a touch market so make sure that you stand out from all of the other applications.
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Dear sir madam,
  with reference to the advertisement in a esteemed news paper few posts of teachers are laying vacant in your school
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I am post graduate with b.ed. I want to apply in a private school
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Designation of recruiting in-charge
Name of the school
Subject: Application for the post of ______.
In response to your advertisement dated______, in the ______,I
hereby submit my application for the______in your school/college.

I am ______year of age and have______ years of work experience in the
field. I have all the necessary requirements for the placement,as stated by you in the
advertisement.My resume is attached for your kind perusal.

I am confidant that I will be able to execute the  duties assigned to me to the best
of my ability and your satisfaction.
Thanking you for your kind consideration.
Yours sincerely,
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We first have to address the head of the institution then write the subject of application and body of the application then finish with compliments.

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