How To Write An Application Letter For The Post Of A Secretary?


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An application letter, or cover letter, is essential for any type of job application, particularly for a position such as a secretary where there may be tens or even hundreds of applicants. Therefore, there are a number of steps you must follow in order to write a strong and successful application letter.

• Make your letter personal

Don't just write "to whom it may concern" or "dear sir/madam" at the top of the letter. This will give the impression that you've written one application letter, printed out a hundred copies and used the same letter to apply for a hundred jobs. Do some research and find out exactly who will be reading your letter - this is easy to do with via a simple internet search or a telephone call, and it will create the impression that you know about the position and company you are applying for.

• Refer to your source

Briefly write about where you heard about the job vacancy. A quick sentence such as "I'm writing to apply for the position of executive secretary advertised in Thursday's New York Times" is enough, and it shows that you've been doing your research and have heard about the job from a credible source, not just from your best friend's cousin twice removed.

• Be clear, concise and direct

Think of your cover letter as a snapshot of your résumé or CV - an application letter should provide a brief summary of your absolute best qualities which make you perfect for the job. Your CV might say that you did work experience at TGI Friday's and have an award for swimming, but that won't help you in your secretarial work, so don't put it in. Instead, write about your effective communication skills, ability to prioritize and work off your own initiative, or any other skills that you (actually do) possess that would be relevant to the job.

• Be polite but powerful

You should not appear overbearing or excessively keen, but you should also come across as interested and organized. Your application letter should be sent along with your CV, so slipping in a sentence like, "for your convenience I have included a copy of my résumé and a list of references that would be happy to talk with you" makes you appear well-prepared, organized and experienced. In addition, a line such as "if you should wish to contact me regarding the position, my telephone number is 0123456789" is professional and informative.

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