What Are The Five Symptoms Of Poorly Managed Transport Corporation?


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Let us first delve on symptoms of mal-functioning in any organisation and then come to specifics of a Transport Corporation. Symptoms of poorly manged organisation could be listed as: 1. Poor Organisational Results: These could be Financial, could be Operational. Basically the symptom is unsuitable Business Results. 2. Low Employee Moral: This could be seen by high employee Turnover. Also could be seen on missing commitments, missing Targets too often. 3.Customer this-satisfaction: Customer complaints non - specific to Quality. Repeated Customer Complaints for same cause. Loss of Customers. Lack of repeat orders. 4. Loss of Market Share: Lack of innovation, Lack of up-gradation, unable to sustain market competition, unable to manage competition. 5. Poor work climate in Organisation: Organisation developing un-sustainable work practices with Quality taking a second stand or lagged place. This will result into decreased Quality in all spheres of operations.  Now, we extend these symptoms of mal-functioning of organisation to Transport Corporation in question. Therefore symptoms of poorly managed Transport Corporation could be listed as: 1. Delivery Schedule not maintained too frequently:  Maintaining delivery schedule and Transporting goods to destination at pre-determined desired time is heart of any Transport Business, hence non-maintenance of Delivery Schedule is first and foremost symptom of poorly Manged Transport Corporation. 2. Transport business is full of calamities and un expected situations. In additions to riots, road accidents, there are natural calamities like rain, flood, earthquakes, forest fire etc. poorly managed Transport Corporation does not provide Protection to natural calamities during Transportation.  3. Every shipment through Transport must accompany with required documents like Road Permit, Excise Gate Pass, Company Gate Pass, Invoice-cum-Challans etc. A set of Documents is sent to recipient in advance. A poorly Managed Transport Corporation does not send documents as per schedule or many times documents sent are incomplete. 4. Transport requires shifting of goods from ware house to ware house. At every stage Corgo needs to be handled, which includes Loading at sender's place and Loading / unloading at ware houses and unloading at destination. Poor Handling during Loading / unloading is a symptom of poorly manged Transport Corporation. 5. Reliable vehicles and absence of vehicle breakdowns, ensures efficiency and Safety of goods. In a poorly manged Transport Corporation "Vehicles are not maintained resulting in frequent Breakdowns"   This is a list of 5 Symptoms of a Poorly Managed Transport Corporation.

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