What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Becoming A Pharmacist?


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Pharmacy is a great profession to get into. It's very rewarding, highly-regarded, and comes with an above-average salary.

However, the road to becoming a pharmacist is very difficult, and this can be seen as a drawback by some people.

Also, the work involved might not always be fast-paced, and this can put people of a more excitable nature off.

The pros to becoming a pharmacist The first pro that comes to mind is that pharmacists are well respected. They are right up there with engineers, lawyers, and doctors as the professions that middle-class parents would most like their children to enter.

A pharmacist can also command an above-average salary, and this is definitely a perk worth considering.

Someone who studies pharmacy also has many other career options open to them. Although we tend to think of pharmacists as the people who give us our prescription medicines over the counter, there are many different jobs that a pharmacist can actually do.

For example, a pharmacist might find employment in one or all the following settings: Hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, medical schools or financial firms.

The cons to becoming a pharmacist The downside to becoming a pharmacist really depends on the kind of pharmacy work you'll take on.

For the most part, there are two issues that people who are considering a career in pharmacy tend to struggle with:

  • Becoming a pharmacist requires four years of post-graduate study.
  • Pharmacy roles are often repetitive and tedious.
In a commercial setting, a pharmacist might also need to work in a public-facing environment, which can involve dealing with people who might be rude or abusive (although this doesn't happen all that often where I live).

Overall, I'd say pharmacy is a great career choice - although I'd make sure your heart is in it before you enrol onto a university course.
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Hello, here are a few advantages of being a pharmacist:

You will have a high income.

profession has a high job security.

The following are some disadvantages:

You may have to do the same work again and

Sometimes you have to work during weekends and

At times you will meet very rude customers.

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Standing all day- it's worse if you're pregnant. Being nice to jerks.

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