How To Obtain Vendors License In Philadelphia An How Much Do It Cost?


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To obtain a vendors license you can download an application form in pdf format from the city of Philadelphia forms page on the government’s official website, print it out if you have a printer. If you do not, you could always visit a library or Internet cafe where they should have the facility for you to be able to print out the form. Once printed out, you can fill in the application form, complete the form as thoroughlly as you can, including telephone numbers as forms submitted without valid telephone numbers cannot be processed.

Once completed you can send your form, including a single check or money order made payable to ‘City of Philadelphia’ to the License Issuance Unit, Municipal Services Building, Concourse Level, 1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19102. The cost of your license will vary depending on the business you intend to set up, for a retail, non-permanent food establishment license the cost is $150, a foot vendor will also be required to pay $150 per license. A news stand license will cost $250 where as push cart and motor vehicle’s will cost $300 per license.

For further information or advice on vendor licenses you can contact the license issuance unit directly using the telephone number (215) 686 8686 or simply dial 311. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 15:30, except for the final Wednesday of each month when the unit closes at noon. You can also email the department at [email protected]
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This link is for the City of Philadelphia Business Services Center site. It explains what you need to become a Pushcart Vendor. You get contact info & a PDF application link.

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